Multi Day Trip
Leros - Patmos - Leipsoi - Marathi - Arkoi

Admire the authentic Leros, visit the prestigious Patmos - the «Island of Revelation»-, explore unspoiled islands in the middle of the Aegean and swim into natural sea caves.

Leros is widely known for its authentic character. It consists of small hills or cliffs and innumerable bays. Leros does not have long coastlines of white sandy beaches, but it offers deep, crystal clear navy blue bays with pebbles. Lakki, the largest natural harbor in the eastern Mediterranean, has a new marina facility to support the growing yachting traffic the busy months of summer. The picturesque fishing village of Panteli, with its narrow cobblestone alleys, seafront cafeterias and traditional bakeries is also a popular spot on the island. Visit the 11th-century castle of Leros with the neighboring impressive windmills. The fish and seafood are plentiful and the island’s waters are crystal clear. In fact, Leros is well known for its delicious, traditional, Greek taverns. Leros is welcoming and cozy, and is considered to be among the last untouched Greek islands.

If you are into nature and prefer unspoiled destinations, Leipsoi, the island of goddess Kalypso, should be on your priority list. At the north side of Leros, you may reach this eco-friendly island. Plati Gyalos feels like heaven on earth painted in turquoise. The sea is so clear you can admire the sea bottom without even diving. With only 700 residents, this island managed to preserve its authenticity and cultural identity intact. Apart from traditional Greek delicacies and plenty of fresh seafood, you have the opportunity to taste their delicious local cheese and wine. Wander around white-washed alleys, dive into crystal clear waters and rejuvenate your soul.

The «Jerusalem of the Mediterranean», Patmos probably needs no recommendations. With a relatively small size but a long history, Patmos’ reputation proceeds. Utterly mysterious, the almost Cycladic-type Chora is one of the main settlements and lays beneath the castle-like Monastery of Saint John the Theologian. Colorful bougainvilleas pop up out right out of the traditional mansions and come in contrast with the all-white narrow alleys, pleasantly surprising you. Skala, the island’s central settlement where the harbor is, has also preserved its typical Greek identity. Most beaches, with a few exceptions, are not organized and can be easily accessed with a private yacht. Psili Ammos is truly a remote and quite isolated beach worth visiting. This divine-touched island, with an idyllic ambiance and enchanting character certainly stands out.

Marathi actually consists of a sheltered bay. Its pier divides the bay into two sides with crystal clear waters, both suitable for swimming. You will find three restaurants offering typical Greek cuisine, fresh seafood and fish. If you reach Marathi and start wandering around, you will notice it’s just you and a few others, also sailing the Aegean will private sailing boats or yachts.

Arki is an islet, at the north of Leipsoi. The very few inhabitants live of fishing. Far from any form of tourism, the island offers total serenity. All you can find is a few houses, a cafeteria where you can also buy beach necessities or clothing and two restaurants for lunch, offering fresh fish and seafood.

Makronisi - Aspronisia - Tiganaki: Many have sailed the Aegean but only a few know how to take you to the wonders of nature. Anyone who has been here will confirm that these two islets are truly among the top gems of the Aegean. Makronisi has no land to step foot onto, but offer a breathtaking scenery and the opportunity to swim through a natural cave. This spot is idea for scuba diving. Tiganakia is an area usually dotted with yachts and boat. This is a perfect spot for endless diving and swimming. The exotic blue sea is so transparent that you may actually look right at the sea bottom from your yacht. With the color of the water being a combination of Caribbean green and turquoise, in Aspronisia you feel like a castaway. The blinding-white tall rocks and pebbles will impress you.

Trip Information
Trip Type
Private charter with skipper and host
50 nautical miles
Schedule (Flexible)
Two to five days
Max Persons
Up to 10 persons
Trip Hotspots
Starts and returns to Kos Marina
1. Kos Marina
2. Leros
3. Patmos
4. Leipsoi
5. Marathi
6. Arkoi